BASORFIL Cable Tray is a wire-mesh style cable tray that is suitable in a variety of environments.  Campus, Data Center, Factory Floor, and other settings.  With the BF2R self splicing system, you will spend less time splicing the tray on the your project and saving huge amounts on labor costs.  Offered in zinc plated, hot dipped galvanized, and stainless steel.  Can also be painted to match any color for open architecture environments.

Wave design of the BASORFIL wire mesh cable tray promotes strength in a compact design.  The fill capacity will run out before the weigh bearing capacity of the tray does.

Basorfil Trays

Get your sample bucket today!  Includes tray sample with BF2R splice - you can see for yourself the speed of the splicing coupled with the strength of the tray!!

Basorfil Sample Kit

Catalogs available for BASOR's other types of cable tray - non metallic specialty, ladder style, and a variety of accessories

Variety of Cable Trays