ODM - Optical Design Manufacturing - offers Optical power meters, Laser and LED light sources, OTDRs, Fiber scopes & inspection products, and Fiber ID products.  Based in New Hampshire, ODM provides groundbreaking fiber optic test equipment that delivers simple, affordable, and scalable test solutions to contractors.

The RP 460 Optical Power Meter measures optical power on fiber optic networks operating at 850nm, 1300nm, 1310nm, 1490nm, 1550nm 1611nm, and 1625nm. These easy-to-use optical power meters provide absolute dBm or dB loss measurements on all optical networks.

ODM RP 460

The DLS 355 dual laser source allows stabilized power levels for accurate loss measurements on single mode systems. Technicians can utilize each of the wavelengths included in this light source to reference and test with optical power meters and gather measurements to meet standards.


The VIS 300 advances field connector inspection with its unique focus system. This development virtually eliminates the need to place the user’s hand in the same position each time for effective focus control. To focus simply turn the entire probe ¼ to ½ turns for complete focus range