The AEM TestPro CV100 is a versatile, modular-based platform purpose-built to help organizations better manage the deployment and on-going support for today’s digital infrastructure.TestPro supports cable certification, Multi-gigabit link speed qualification and PoE validation.

TestPro Multifunction Cable Tester is a versatile solution purpose-build, to quickly and easily ensure infrastructure readiness across smart building technologies in a cost effect way. TestPro offers the most expansive feature set of any other test equipment available to provide you with test capability across broad network typology.


Mixed Mode Multi-Port VNA (MMVNA) is a portable vector network analyzer that is purpose-built for characterizing twisted pair cables. Through its innovative patent-pending RF measurement system, MMVNA houses a sophisticated S-parameter measurement capability in an 8 port small, portable form-factor


 AEM test and measurement solutions, announced the TestPro CV100 Cable Tester has received the Security Industry Association’s award for Best Design, Diagnostic and Installation Tool at the 2019 New Product Showcase Awards, which recognizes innovative security products & services

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