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Advanced Cable Ties manufactures our cable ties to be superior in strength, far exceeding the required tensile strengths used in industry standards. Using high quality raw materials which are always inspected by Advanced Cable Ties to insure they meet our standards, we are proud of our ties and back them up with a 100% guarantee.



ACT Counter Display Units

ACT Counter/Point of Purchase units are perfect for the busy counter location check out area. Keeps the cable ties close to the customers and in the forefront of their purchase decision.  High quality products in convenience packages


ACT Color Variety Packs

Advanced Cable Ties offers a variety of convenience packs to save time and labor on the job.  Color code your next install for easy identification of various systems within the building


ACT Cold Weather Cable Ties

Working in an outdoor environment where you need a cable ties that is going to stand up to the cold without any issues, then the ACT Cold Weather cable tie can handle the job.  No cracking or breaking from extreme temperatures

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