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Signamax offers a broad array of connectivity and network solutions for the industrial, commercial, medical, and military sectors.  Lead by entrepreneurs seasoned in the industry, Signamax is dedicated to a clear, consistent, and comprehensive policy that includes commitments to customers, employees, and distributors.


Copper Connectivity

From Category 6A, 5e, fiber optics, work area outlets, patch panels, to cross-connect systems and more, we equip you with high-quality, flexible solutions for an infrastructure you can count on.


 Media Converters

Signamax provides media conversion solutions that support data, voice, video and image transport over a wide variety of transmission media.


PoE Extenders

The Signamax E-300 Series extenders provide businesses a solution to connect IP cameras, Wireless Access Points, Computers or entire buildings using a variety of legacy and new cables over long distances. 

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