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The Multilink Sales and Customer Service Teams are comprised of hardworking individuals who are fully dedicated to taking care of all of your telecommunication needs. We strive to ensure that you leave with exactly what you are looking for and accomplishing it in a timely fashion. For over 35 years Multilink has been an innovator and leader in telecommunications industry. We carry that same mantra over to our Sales and Customer Service staff. Our teams are constantly attending classes, seminars, and being trained in the latest technology trends by certified independent experts and we are fully capable of answering all of your telecommunication questions and concerns. It is our goal to direct you towards the best possible solution and product on the market today.

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Optima Optical Cross Connect

The Optima™ optical cross connect terminal offers the fastest hook up and disconnect of any drop cable field connection. The Optima™ utilized computer aided engineering for optimal use in the Outside Plant and FTTX networks. The Optima brings subscriber terminal deployment to a new level for field installations.

Multilink NID.png

RNI Boxes w FlexGrid

Our patented FlexGrid™ mounting system allows for various configurations to utilize the entire space. The slack storage brackets are integrated into the box utilizing the FlexGrid™ mounting system. The slack storage brackets provide the ability to store ample slack storage of your fiber optic cable.

multilink snowshoe.png

Multilink Sno-Shoe Slack Storage

The Multilink Plastic Sno-Shoe® has been designed with two purposes in mind. The first is to store additional lengths of fiber along the strand for later use. The second is to act as a safeguard, protecting the minimum bend radius of the fiber optic cable while establishing proper installation practices.

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